I completely fell for Vermont, it’s the only place we’ve been so far that I haven’t been ready to move on from. Paul had to put up with me grumbling the day we left and I really wish we could have stayed longer.

The more I thought about it, I realised that on the surface it really ticks the boxes as somewhere I could live. Here’s why…

Peacham Vermont

Sentry on duty in lovely Peacham

Picture perfect houses in chocolate box towns and villages

Vermont really is as beautiful as everyone makes out and the villages and houses within them are absolutely to die for. We’d only been there for one day by the time I’d decided a colour scheme for my dream house and matching barn (grey/green wood with cream shutters, red front door and a red barn in case you’re interested!)

I could completely handle living in a small village if you could get to lovely Burlington in an hour or so.

Peacham Vermont

Pretty much my dream home, our host’s incredible house

The wonderful people

We stayed in our favourite Air bnb location to date in Vermont. The house was like something out of a dream and the amazing couple hosting us were the sort of people we could so easily be friends with.

They entertained us and cooked delicious breakfasts, took us on a hike and introduced us to their friends within the village. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and really interesting to talk to, I could have spent weeks talking to them.

Ben and Jerrys Factory Vermont

Ben and Jerrys Acme-like factory

Ben and Jerrys

Nuff said! Seriously though, great fun on the factory tour and learning about how the company started and has grown since. Since they are all about genius marketing I found it incredibly interesting. Oh, and every employee gets to take home 3 pints of ice cream a day!! Yes, every day.

None of your friends and family would ever need to buy ice cream again. I’d already planned out my job at their corporate office in Burlington whilst Paul could work in quality control at the factory!

Covered Bridge Vermont

One of the beautiful covered bridges

The attitude

We were staying with another lovely host in New Hampshire and were telling her that we’d been getting some strange looks out east with our Oregon licence plate. One old geezer in a particularly conservative town in upstate New York gave me a death stare whilst muttering under his breath when I was getting into the car one day.


She pointed out that hippies in Vermont were much the same as hippies in Oregon and after thinking about it, she is completely right.


There was much more emphasis on looking after the planet, having a work/life balance and quite a liberal attitude for that part of the States – I felt at home immediately.

The rolling hills of Vermont

The rolling hills of Vermont

Location, location, location

Vermont is so perfectly situated to travel out of state and really explore the eastern States. You can be in New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and eastern Canada very quickly.


They still get real seasons which is something I am really missing in the UK, you can handle a tough winter if you know you are guaranteed a beautiful summer like we experienced.


The scenery within the state is spectacular, you are privy to beautiful Lake Champlain, rolling hills, bustling towns, skiiing, beguiling foliage, covered bridges… what more could you want?

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We fell in love with beautiful Vermont and could have spent a lot longer than our short visit. He's a lighthearted look at why we'd love to live in Vermont.


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8 Responses

    • Maddie

      It really was, nowhere else has really done it for me like Vermont. Having said that, we’re currently in Boulder, CO and it’s a beautiful town…

  1. Kim

    I fell in love with Vermont too. My car’s name is Vermont and I was determined to move there after college. I had two job interviews: one in Burlington and one in Portland, OR. I got the job in Portland but I have always wondered what life would have been like had I got the job in Vermont instead.
    Kim recently posted..Cow chasing and the mystery of graceMy Profile

    • Maddie

      I knew your car was called Vermont but thought it was just random! Very strange as I’m nervous going back to the Pacific Northwest, loved it last time and worried I won’t want to leave!

  2. David B

    May I suggest you to read this blog of Tara & Tyler about their search for a place to live…and what they say about Vermont!


    I’m from Quebec city, and I went cyclo-camping around Lac Champlain this summer and I’m absolutely with you about Vermont. Back here, we have the same kind of weather but winter is a bit colder.

    I’m following Sarah and Kim in their adventures and I just finded your blog via a twitter from one of them, so you’re on my list from now…

    Safe travels to you 2!

    (Excuse my english..)

    • Maddie

      Ha! I love that they had been in the state literally an hour before looking at property, it really is a beautiful place an my husband is very lucky I didn’t walk into a realtor’s office. Hope you had a good summer trip, wish we’d had more time in the Lake Champlain area. Glad I’ve made it on your list and thanks for following along David 🙂

  3. Deborah

    I spent three years in and out of Vermont…..It’s absolutely, without a doubt, the most awesome place to live, especially if you’re an environmentalist, have a healthy lifestyle and love great food. To me, Vermont is the Speciality Food State. I now reside in Virginia, where my grandchildren are. This coming summer, I’m vacationing in the North East Kingdom with my 15 year old granddaughter…It’s a magical place to be in the summer and wonderful for kids.

    • Maddie

      Out of everywhere we’ve been on this trip Vermont is still at the top of the ‘where we could live’ list. I completely fell head over heels for everything – the scenery, the people, the food… The attitude within the state really reminded me of our home in the UK but the weather is just so much better. If us Brits were allowed to just move to the U.S I’d be there in a heartbeat but it’s a little more complicated unfortunately 🙁


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