Back in 2010 I started adding all of our trip photos to Flickr under the Creative Commons licence, meaning that anyone can use them as long as they credit me in their finished product. I use other people’s photos via this method all the time and it’s nice to see the blog posts and articles discuss places you’ve been using the snaps you’ve taken. Every now and again I receive a cool request, like the promotions company that put some of my photos on fridge magnets and then sent me some samples. Or the Canadian publisher that used some of my photos of Buenos Aires in a guidebook. But nothing is quite as exciting as being contacted by the Discovery Network to say they’ve seen a particular shot of yours and they’d like to feature it in a new short film series!

The Discovery Network recently set up a new online channel called Seeker and the easiest way to describe Seeker is by quoting them;


“A seeker is someone who needs adventure and craves understanding. Someone who never stops wondering. As human beings, exploring is in our nature. We want to learn and discover until we are able to better comprehend, not only the world, but ourselves. The subjects of our shows are adventurers, explorers, and real people who want to share their stories with the world.”


Did we want to be part of this? Hell yes! The series would be called ‘This Happened Here’ and the premise is that the viewer is shown a photo at the start of the video and then they’re taken through information about the where, who and what. The photo in question is from one of our favourite periods of the round the world trip – Sagada in the Philippines. I won’t spoil it for you by elaborating more here but I’d love it if you’d take a look at the finished product and check out some of the other Seekers, I was hooked and couldn’t stop watching all the other stories!

Watch Video


Do you think you’d like to visit Sagada after watching the video?

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4 Responses

  1. Lucy

    How cool! I use Flickr but have never really thought about putting my images as Creative Commons (though I do use others occasionally), might be nice to see how they are used though. Do you let people download high res versions r just web size ones?
    Lucy recently posted..In pictures: Berlin’s Holocaust MemorialMy Profile

    • Maddie

      Because it’s still very much just a hobby for me it is really nice to see how other people can use my photos, and the community is very respectful and friendly. I let people download the full res at the moment. Seeker spend their time trawling through the Creative Commons for any interesting or unusual shots and it’s amazing they thought mine would be suitable for the project.

  2. Amy

    Great video series, how amazing that they used your images and interviewed you! We went to Sagada and absolutely loved it so much that we went back again on our second trip to the country. That tiny mountain town has such a special place in my heart.
    Amy recently posted..Our Favourite Places to Eat in HanoiMy Profile

    • Maddie

      I love the series, totally hooked from watching the first one! We loved Sagada so much and really didn’t want to leave, I still dream about those pancakes at the Yoghurt house and the lemon meringue pie just down the hill – such good food!


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