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After spending years on the traditional path, our eyes were opened in 2010 to the wonderful world of travel and a life less ordinary.

We saved 50% of our income for a year and that, along with some previous savings, allowed us to leave the UK in 2012 for 18 months of travel around the world.

The trip changed our lives, altered the way we think and made us reassess our plans for the future. We’ve been back in the UK for 4 years and have two main goals in life;

  1. Live simply, Save Money and Achieve Financial Freedom

  2. Travel as Much as we Possibly Can

At the moment we work full time jobs and travel using our annual leave and weekends.

Our travel style is budget comfortable – we are past the point of hostel dorms and chicken buses, a comfortable private room will do just fine. But we are still very budget conscious, you won’t find us in 5* All Inclusive resorts.

We blog about our travel adventures and how we are saving money for our long-term goal of financial freedom.

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We make it to the top on day 4

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We are Maddie and Paul, the husband and wife team behind Two for the Road. If you’re interested in reading our story and learning more about the two of us, make sure to check out our About Us page.

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Dive into the Blog

There over 100 articles on Two for the Road for you to enjoy. To get you started we’ve compiled some of the most popular and our favourites below.

If you fancy a binge read you can view all of our blog posts in one handy list.



Maddie Deaton Paul Deaton Glacier Alaska

If you want to browse articles from every county we’ve visited, head over to our Destinations page.

Here are some of our top travel posts.


Bruges in 3 Days

Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Bolivian South West Circuit Part 1 & Part 2

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How to Get the Best from Angkor Wat in 2 Days – Part 1 & Part 2



Hand putting money into a piggy bank

Paul has always been the financially savvy one of the two of us, but Maddie went from being financially clueless to a confident budgeter and saver. We share our top tips on the path to financial freedom.

How Can You Afford to Travel? A.K.A Our Most Asked Question

6 Tips on Making your Money Work for you

My History with Money



It's ok you're safe here, you don't live in Vietnam

Travel gives you a lot of thinking time which has resulted in a fair few musings on life!

How 12 Months of Travel Has Changed Me

The Judge, the Courthouse and Us

The Greatest Thing I Discovered When Travelling

The Best Diet I’ve Ever Been On, Travel



Yummy drunken noodles

We both love to eat, but for Paul it’s more like a spiritual experience 😉 He authors most of the posts in this section and takes you on a foodie tour of the world.

Top 5 Unusual Foods I’ve Eaten on Our Travels

Cooking Up A Storm in Chiang Mai

Krabi Weekend Night Market

Eating Food Off the Street – Singapore Style



Rocky Mountain National Park, view from a small trail at the top of Trail Ridge Road

Maddie loves to take photos and Paul loves to create videos. The photography section is a showcase for some of the beautiful places we’ve visited and a place to share photography tips.

Bodie – A California Ghost Town in Pictures

The Great Ocean Road in Pictures

Colorado in Pictures


The Travel Video page is great for travel inspiration and seeing what it's like on our adventures. Check out this little taster from our 2016 U.S road trip.