Tom is our long suffering 2011 Chevy Cruz rental car. We have a love/hate relationship with the old boy but felt he deserved some sort of homage after 5 weeks of service across the challenging Canadian landscape.

Tom, you will forever hold a special place in our hearts despite having the worst automatic gearbox known to man – it really shouldn’t take as long as it does for you to get up hills or overtake. Shall we all remember the time I had to emergency stop in a 110km zone because he just didn’t have it in him to get past a pickup towing a boat!

You also had us take you to a mechanic in one of the most remote parts of Vancouver Island to have a potentially lethal oil leak/engine explosion problem fixed and have a drivers blind spot larger than Alberta. You try with your air conditioning system but it leaves a lot to be desired, even on your most arctic setting you still expel tepid, warm air that isn’t dissimilar to a British summer.

Sorry Tom

Sorry Tom

All of this may have been automotive revenge for us dragging you down 120 km of gravel logging road on one occasion and accidentally taking you along 50km of unpaved road on another. We really didn’t mean for you to get completely coated in muck. There was also the slight incident with a tree in a campsite in Jasper National Park and I’m with you on this one, how Paul could have missed a gap similar to Sydney Harbour whilst reversing is beyond me.

Oh and the rather large boulder that hit your windscreen whilst I was speeding away from the death motel in Bassano, oops… Finally, I apologise for the fact that I managed to cover your entire passenger side interior in gravel and dirt. Note to self: do not rest your feet (or in fact, any part of you) on the dash after 3 days without a shower.

Thanks Tom, we saw this because of you

Thanks Tom, we saw this because of you

To our dear Tom – you transported us along 4797 km of Canada’s finest roads through epic scenery, you provided us with a dumping ground for all our stuff, a picnic area and the most eclectic road trip music we could have wished for (thanks Sirius XM). Not entirely sure you deserve your 2012 Canadian car of the year award but you got us here safe and sound and with a lot of great memories under our belt so thank you very much.

With love (well, mostly love)

Maddie and Paul


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2 Responses

  1. Kim

    Hahaha. I totally understand the love hate relationship with the car. It’s “home” in a way and yet you can never quite figure out if you should rely on it!
    Kim recently posted..To Be OutdoorsMy Profile

    • Maddie

      We definitely live out of the car on our road trips, I’m scared by how much crap we’ve accumulated! Glad to see Vermont is still chugging her way through the U.S wilderness 😉


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