Updated: 15th May, 2017

Nothing says Asia to me like fantastic street food. I know everyone talks about how great it is, but I really think everyone should experience the joy of eating the most delicious, fresh and surprising street food at least once in their lives. The experience of a night market is intoxicating – it’s loud, busy and a real assault on the senses.

You wander around being hit with the most mouth watering smells, every stall frantically preparing food in ridiculously simple but amazing ways.


I’m astounded by what some of these cooks can achieve with one gas burner and a wok.


It’s almost like Asian tapas and it has rapidly become our favourite way to eat. The standard procedure is we’ll do a sweep of all the stalls, committing what looks delicious to memory.

We’ll then start making the rounds, usually getting the smallest portion of whatever is on offer, making sure to leave room for other goodies. We’ve become really adventurous with what we choose, generally if it smells good we’ll give it a go.

We were lucky enough to be staying in Krabi on the Andaman coast during a weekend. Krabi has a night market on Chao Fah Pier every evening which offers a number of food stalls and was handily just around the corner from our guesthouse.


However, the real money is at Krabi weekend night market in the centre of town. It’s huge and absolutely rammed with every food stall you could possible imagine.


We spent two evenings wandering around and sampling the wares and thought we’d share some of the photos with you.

I apologise in advance for making you hungry!

Krabi Weekend Night Market

Stall owner hard at work

Coconut milk ice cream Krabi Weekend Night Market

Coconut milk ice cream – so, so good!

Shake stall Krabi Weekend Night Market

Hard at work at the blender

Krabi Night Market

Krabi Night Market

Meat on a stick Krabi Weekend Night Market

Meat on a stick – a Thailand staple

Phad Thai being created Krabi Weekend Night Market

Phad Thai being created

Phad Thai Krabi Weekend Night Market

Probably the most famous Thai street food dish of all – Phad Thai

Maddie Deaton Krabi Weekend Night Market

Me sampling my first ever kebab – this one was chargrilled chicken

Tiny Thai fishcakes Krabi Weekend Night Market

Tiny Thai fishcakes

fishcakes Krabi Weekend Night Market

Sweet chilli sauce being added to the delicious fishcakes

Deep fried ice cream. Krabi Weekend Night Market

Deep fried ice cream – weird but seriously good

Banana and chocolate roti Krabi Weekend Night Market

Banana and chocolate roti, mmm

Roti stall Krabi Weekend Night Market

Roti stall

Pashion fruit shake Krabi Weekend Night Market

Pashion fruit shake – sickly sweet and delicious

Krabi Weekend Night Market – Information

Opening Hours:

Friday to Sunday, 5pm – 10pm


Maharat Soi 8, just behind the Vogue Department Store

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A guide to Krabi Weekend Night Market - Two for the Road

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12 Responses

  1. Debbie

    All that food looks delicious — you successfully made me hungry! Was there any food you absolutely wouldn’t try?

    • Maddie

      It really was so good! We’re pretty adventurous but I’m still a bit iffy if I see certain meats lying around for hours before cooking. We’re still trying to work up to the Thailand bug challenge, that might be a hard limit for me!

    • Maddie

      The fish cakes were one of my favourite things, I insisted on buying them in every market we went to. I love how spicy they are with the delicious green chillis, mmmm

  2. Steph (@ 20 Years Hence)

    I thought that after all the amazing food we had experienced in Asia that the markets in Thailand wouldn’t be anything special. I was SO WRONG. Even in the smallest towns there were always these amazing street markets in the evening with the best food at incredible prices. Like you guys, I love being able to try a wide variety of dishes, and nothing beats markets when it comes to that! I think possibly the only other place we’ve been that can give Thailand’s street food a legit run for its money is Taiwan, but even then, that race is probably too close to call!
    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted..A Man Named ApocalypseMy Profile

    • Maddie

      I honestly thought after a month in Thailand I would be sick of the food and craving something else but I was still looking forward to trying new things every day, sooooo good. My favourite thing is that you can try so many different dishes by just sampling small amounts, it makes eating out so much more interesting. Now Taiwan, that’s something to look into!

    • Maddie

      The fish cakes were amazing and I can’t believe how good the ice cream was. I think we had chocolate, strawberry and caramel if I remember rightly, surprised my teeth haven’t fallen out!

  3. Rae

    Hello Maddie!
    Love your travels and your posts are very helpful. Currently organizing a honeymoon in Southeast Asia for a client. Thank you and keep on blogging.=)

    • Maddie

      Hi Rae, so nice to hear from you! Glad the blog is being of use 🙂 We’re having such a great time in SEA that there will be plenty more posts to come!

  4. Ron Deaton

    It all looks scrummy. Coming up to one o’clock back home and we are getting ready to head off to the Traveller’s Rest for the usual Sunday roast. I’ll ask chef if he’ll do me a deep fried ice cream for desert! Your mother says she’s sticking to the cheese cake with unfried ice cream.

    • Maddie

      It was all very scrummy and please tell Mrs D that she would love deep fried ice cream, it just tastes like it’s been wrapped in a donut!


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