Sunday market

Bolivia Round-Up

Without a doubt Bolivia has been our favourite country during the South America leg of the trip. The scenery is spectacular, the cities stunning and the people are clinging to their culture with all their might. We felt that northern Argentina was very heavily...
Stopping to take in the view from the trail

Paradise Found – Isla del Sol

Isla del Sol, the tiny island in Bolivia that the Incas believed to be the birthplace of the sun. Situated just off the coast of Copacabana on the Bolivian side of enormous Lake Titicaca, it is a magical place that despite the many gringos who visit every day ...
Looking down on La Paz

City Hopping in the Andes

In between epic outdoor adventures we spent quite a lot of time city hopping in Bolivia. For people that enjoy wide open spaces and the peace of the countryside this is quite rare for us. We were longing to escape to quieter places toward the end but it was gr...
Stunning flamingo lakes

Bolivian South West Circuit – Part 2

To catch up on part 1 please click here Day 3   The evening before had been extremely cold, we slept at just under 16,000 ft in every piece of clothing we had with us and just about managed to stay warm. So it was with great relief that we saw the su...
The stunning Laguna Verde with Licancabur Volcano in the background

Bolivian South West Circuit – Part 1

When you’ve been travelling continuously for as long as we have, you start to get a little complacent with what you’re seeing every day. It becomes normal to be exposed to jaw dropping scenery and new cultures on a daily basis and you feel like you’re always s...

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