South America

Inca Tipon Peru

Peru budget round-up

This is clearly very overdue, but I’m determined to finish what I started and these round-up posts were some of our most popular. Plus, this is the last one from our RTW! Please bear in mind that all costs are from August and September of 2013 so average price...
Laguna Churup scramble

Hiking Smackdown in Huaraz

I’ve debated over what to do about this for ages over the Christmas break and then I just thought sod it. I still have plenty of stories to tell from quite a long time back, I’ve just been rubbish at actually getting them down on paper. I didn’t know if they w...
Paul doing far better than me at sand boarding

A Drop of Adrenaline in the Desert

After spending quite a lot of time in cities and also hiking in Peru we decided to kick back and enjoy the gringo trail for a few days in the desert plains of central Peru. Throughout this trip we’ve pushed ourselves do things that we aren’t entirely comfortab...
The stunning vista of Colca Canyon

4 days in Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon is an enormous hole in the ground situated 6 hours from Arequipa in Peru, famous for being home to the phenomenal condor. It’s hiked by an awful lot of visitors to Peru but many will visit for just a day or two. We decided to make the most of our ...
Sandoval Lake at dawn on day 2, the mist on the lake was beautiful

A Visit to the Peruvian Amazon

For me one of the things that screams South America is a visit to the Amazon Jungle. We’ve spent time in jungle environments before but this is the Amazon, the mother of all jungles that spans 9 countries across 2.7 million square miles. The mighty Amazon Rive...
Machu Picchu Morning

Ups and Downs on the Inca Trail

You know when you harbour a dream for an incredible amount of time and then when it is finally realised it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? That’s exactly how my lifelong dream of hiking the Inca Trail began. Bear with me, it does get better I promise, but we ...

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