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Sunday market

Bolivia Round-Up

Without a doubt Bolivia has been our favourite country during the South America leg of the trip. The scenery is spectacular, the cities stunning and the people are clinging to their culture with all their might...
Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian side

Argentina Round-Up

Argentina was a bit of a shock to the system in terms of budget. Having come pretty much directly from South East Asia where we could live like kings for very little money it was a big transition to see prices ...
Longtails docked on the beach - Andaman Sea

Thailand Round-Up

We first visited Thailand 5 years ago, it sounds like a short time but it feels a lot longer now that we’ve seen the rapidly developing jewel of Asia again. We really enjoyed our previous visit but the 6 weeks ...
15th Century Japanese covered bridge in Hoi An

Vietnam Round-Up

The most important thing I will take away from our visit to Vietnam is to always listen to that little voice inside telling you to explore, regardless of what anyone else says. I lost count of the number of peo...
Buddhist statues on Mount Phousi

Laos Round-Up

We made the deliberate choice to stick fairly firmly to the tourist trail in Laos. We wanted an easy few weeks and made the decision to primarily stay in only 3 areas during nearly a whole month. Laos is a beau...

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