New Zealand

Majestic Mt Cook

New Zealand Round-Up

For once I’m very grateful that I’m constantly behind with blog posts. It has been just over two months since we left New Zealand and I’ve needed that time to really reflect on our experiences there. Our time in New Zealand was full of so many contrasts, we ha...
First glimpse of the Sound

Getting the Best Experience from Milford Sound

Milford Sound is probably New Zealand’s most famous tourist attraction. With promises of staggering cliff faces, the phenomenal green of the landscape and an abundance of wildlife we knew we couldn’t pass it up. Milford Sound sits at the bottom of New Zealand’...
The best pies in the world? We think NZ reigns supreme

Butchers, Bakers, But No Candlestick Makers!

We had been warned that food in New Zealand was expensive and we were fully prepared to reign ourselves in after our jaunt around America which had proved to be a gastronomic delight. The plan was to minimise eating out and to prepare as many of our own meals ...
Rob Roy Glacier Waterfall New Zealand

New Zealand Glaciers in Review

If New Zealand knows how to promote one aspect of its scenery it’s the glaciers. Look at any tourist brochure or guidebook and you will no doubt find photos of people hiking, climbing or flying to Franz Josef or Fox glaciers in the South Island. We’d had an...
Tackling the Tongariro Crossing

Hitting the Wall, Traveller Style

I read all of the blog posts warning about being burnt out, recognising homesickness, resting up somewhere if you start feeling jaded, hitting the traveller wall... I knew what to look out for and spent ages warning Paul that this wouldn’t be like being on hol...

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