Sydney Opera House from under the Harbour Bridge

Australia Round-Up

I’m pretty conflicted about Australia and I read something from Stephanie at 20something travel that summed it up perfectly, she said she really loved the country but felt a bit cheated as a tourist there. The standard of living in Australia is ridiculously hi...
What a cracking view

The Great Ocean Road in Pictures

Man the Great Ocean Road is photogenic, it’s also completely different to what I expected in every way. Despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, every town along the road has this laid back, beach bum vibe and we felt at home st...
Parliament House

Why Canberra Deserves a Break

We very nearly didn’t go to Canberra, it was a last minute decision to veer inland rather than take the coastal route from Sydney into Victoria. I’d read the tiny section in the guidebook, heard all the stories about it being dull and had pretty much made my m...
The iconic sails

A Night at the Opera House

It was one of those pinch yourself moments. Here we both were dressed in our vaguely smart wedding attire for the first time in 6 months about to go and watch a performance in Sydney Opera House. (more…)...
Sydney Harbour Bridge Sunset

9 Reasons I Love Sydney

I fell head over heels for Sydney, I mean really loved it. If we had been 5 years younger we would have quite happily gotten ourselves fixed up with working holiday visas and moved there for a bit just to experience life in this wondrous city. It has this g...
Landing on the beach

Our Fraser Island Experience

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world at 124 km long. There are no roads and no towns just forests, beaches, a few resorts and some beautiful lakes. The only way to get around is by 4wd vehicle along sand tracks and driving straight on the beac...

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