Maddie Deaton Bolivia Train Tracks

My History with Money

One of the main objections I hear when discussing either financial independence or long-term travel is - “well I could never afford to do that”. There are many people around the world who will never have the privilege of even thinking about these two options i...
monochrome image of British coins

How Can You Afford to Travel? a.k.a Our Most Asked Question

Since we’ve returned home there has been a consistent theme of questioning along the lines of “how on earth could you afford to travel for that long?” “You must be loaded?” “Did you win the lottery and not tell anyone?” Now this topic has been covered by tons ...
Hand putting money into a piggy bank

6 Tips on Making Your Money Work for You

Updated: 16th May, 2017 Once upon a time there was a young girl from Newcastle who was absolutely terrible with money. Like most young people in the UK she didn’t receive a lot of guidance growing up on how to manage your finances.   As a result, she...

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