Two for the Road in 2018 - our personal, travel and financial goals and plans.

Our Plans for 2018

This January is the first start to the year in a really long time where I’ve not had a defined list of trips mapped out for the year before we’ve even gotten into the second week of the month. I’ve normally booked at least a couple of flights, organised most o...
Maddie Deaton Bolivia Train Tracks

My History with Money

One of the main objections I hear when discussing either financial independence or long-term travel is - “well I could never afford to do that”. There are many people around the world who will never have the privilege of even thinking about these two options i...
Tarn Hows Autumn Blue Sky Bracken

We’re back, and We Have a New Look!

So we’ve had a little break from blogging (ahem 2 years!) but we’re back, and our little corner of the internet has a brand new look and feel. We may not have been writing over the last couple of years but that certainly doesn’t mean we haven’t been travell...
Fairly representative of my holiday break!

An Update on Life and Our 2014 Plans

Happy New Year everyone! Apologies for our absence of late, New Years resolution number one is to start writing again so here I am. It’s funny how even though we haven’t been working the days just seem to fill up with things that need to be done, it’s quite ea...
Signs to different countries

So What Happens Now?

Well we’ve made it back to the UK after the most amazing 17 months of our lives. After a busy couple of weeks of moving all of our belongings out of storage, making our house feel like a home again and catching up with loved ones, we are starting to slow down ...
Lucky me

The Greatest Thing I Discovered While Travelling

We’ve seen wondrous sights and witnessed dozens of new cultures and customs and I will be forever grateful for that, but what is the greatest thing I’ve discovered? How lucky I am and probably not for the reason you’re thinking. I still firmly believe that if ...

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