When you're on the road food doesn't always look quite like you expect it to

Top 5 Unusual Foods I Have Eaten on Our Travels

I have eaten some exceptionally good food on our travels. I have also had some pretty insipid unforgettable meals too. However, one question I keep getting asked is what is the most unusual food I have eaten? So here you go, in reverse order this is my top 5 o...
Where the magic happens

Sukhumvit Soi 38 Street Food Olympics

Our main priority when booking our accommodation for our last week in Asia was to make sure that we were close to good street food. Luckily for us our last destination was Bangkok so we headed to the Sukhumvit area and took up residence in a guesthouse just ar...
Cooking up a storm

Cooking Up a Storm in Chiang Mai

When we first made the huge decision to journey around the world our route was based on a number of key experiences. We plotted these bucket list items on a map and basically joined the dots. Fairly high up on the list for me was learning to cook in Thailand a...
Fruit Shakes Krabi Weekend Night Market

Krabi Weekend Night Market

Updated: 15th May, 2017 Nothing says Asia to me like fantastic street food. I know everyone talks about how great it is, but I really think everyone should experience the joy of eating the most delicious, fresh and surprising street food at least once in thei...
Inside one of the wondrous Singapore food courts - Maxwell

Eating Food off the Street – Singapore Style

Anthony Bourdain made the bold statement that Singapore has the greatest hawker food in the world. We decided on our 4 days in Singapore to make it our mission to try food from as many of the hawker locations as possible to test his theory. (more…)...
The best pies in the world? We think NZ reigns supreme

Butchers, Bakers, But No Candlestick Makers!

We had been warned that food in New Zealand was expensive and we were fully prepared to reign ourselves in after our jaunt around America which had proved to be a gastronomic delight. The plan was to minimise eating out and to prepare as many of our own meals ...

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