Rovinj, Croatia

2015 Travel Plans. Where Will This Year Take Us?

Having a few days off over Christmas and New Year has led to the inevitable chats about where we’d like to go in 2015 and my head is now in such a spin! This year will be the first for a while where we are completely restricted to a holiday allowance. In Europ...
Does it get any better than this? The beautiful Aurora Borealis

32 Travel Adventures

We’ve been so fortunate to visit an incredibly diverse list of countries on this trip and we feel that by the time we head home we’ll have maximised our time away without killing ourselves trying to pack too much in. We’ll have visited 18 countries which sound...
Tom doing his best car commercial impression

Ode to Tom

Tom is our long suffering 2011 Chevy Cruz rental car. We have a love/hate relationship with the old boy but felt he deserved some sort of homage after 5 weeks of service across the challenging Canadian landscape. (more…)...

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