This isn't Gordon but possibly a distant relative

How a Gecko Cost Us $110

All long term travellers have stories to tell about misplacing or breaking belongings during their time on the road. The number one item that bites the dust is probably sunglasses due to a variety of mishaps that occur whilst lugging your life around in a back...
Buddhist statues on Mount Phousi

Laos Round-Up

We made the deliberate choice to stick fairly firmly to the tourist trail in Laos. We wanted an easy few weeks and made the decision to primarily stay in only 3 areas during nearly a whole month. Laos is a beautiful country and the destinations are endless. Yo...
The impressive karats which overlook Vang Vieng

The Two Faces of Vang Vieng in 2013

I read this post well over a year ago when we were researching about where to go in South East Asia. Upon reading about Vang Vieng my exact words were “that looks like my own personal hell, not a chance we’re going there”. I completely understand that everyone...
Gorgeous sunset from our favourite riverside restaurant

Lazing in Luang Prabang

For all my harping on about the perils of slow travel we accidentally ended up spending two whole weeks in the charming holy city of Luang Prabang in Laos. I’m still very much in favour of experiencing as much as possible without burning out but we were gettin...

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