The temple on Lake Beratan, Bali

Indonesia Round-Up

We wanted to try to combat culture shock as much as possible by heading to Bali first on the Asia leg of the trip. It also happened to be a low cost destination from Australia which sealed the deal. Bali ended up being a land of contrasts. Due to its proximity...
Just hanging out in the jungle

Hanging Out With the Orang-utans of Sumatra

Seeing orang-utans in the wild has been something we’ve wanted to do for a really long time. Paul grew up being a complete wildlife geek and it’s gradually rubbed off on me over the years. We always thought it would be in Borneo but when Paul started doing res...
The metropolis that is Gili Air Harbour

Giving Paradise Another Shot

We’ve not got a good track record with tropical islands on this trip, after our unsuccessful stay on Rarotonga I’d come to the conclusion that being castaway types wasn’t really going to be our thing. Why then did we really enjoy our time on a tiny, tropical i...
Tana Lot temple

Our Very Own Driver in Bali

We wanted to see as much of the island of Bali as possible in the time we had but the idea of driving amongst the chaos of 1.5 million motorbikes and a fair number of cars and trucks didn’t appeal at all. Driving in Asia is fairly chaotic by western standards ...

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