I fell head over heels for Sydney, I mean really loved it. If we had been 5 years younger we would have quite happily gotten ourselves fixed up with working holiday visas and moved there for a bit just to experience life in this wondrous city.

It has this great feel to it, absolutely pristinely clean and unlike any European or U.S city I’ve visited. You truly feel like you’re on the other side of the world.

I could have written so many posts about our experiences, but instead I decided that I’ll let you all know exactly why it is that my heart warmed to it so much.

Sydney Opera House Monochrome

The beautiful Opera House

1. The Harbour 

It sounds so obvious but I really underestimated the size and shape of Sydney Harbour.

I envisaged a long, straight river like I’d seen in so many cities but the harbour is enormous and has these great twists and turns which form beautiful bays.

You can see it from so many places in the city that you are never in doubt of where you are, it makes Sydney one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


2. The Green Spaces

Outdoor living at its greatest is synonymous with Australia and nowhere is that more obvious than Sydney.

There are huge numbers of people out running and training in the parks, the hiking trails in the city, surfing, picnics and bbqs after work.

It’s so different to us coming from a country where everyone hibernates for a good 4-5 months in winter.

Lighthouse keeper's cottage South Head Sydney

Lighthouse keeper’s cottage at South Head – you can see the city in the distance

3. The People Watching

I spent so much time people watching in Sydney it’s ridiculous.

It really felt like everyone was absolutely stunning and incredibly fashionable, Sydney is full of beautiful people and I love to pull up a pew and watch what’s going on.


4. It is Ridiculously Clean

Seriously gleaming.

There is no rubbish cluttering the streets and parks, the people treat their city with respect.

Camp Cove Sydney Beach

Lovely Camp Cove

5. The Eastern Suburbs

We were lucky enough to stay in Double Bay, which takes about 20 minutes to get into the Central Business District.

Our host’s home was bay front and you really felt like you were in a tiny, albeit glamorous seaside town and not so close to a massive city.

All of the towns in the eastern suburbs were gorgeous and I’d have quite happily lived in any one of them.

Huge rubber duck Darling Harbour Sydney

Enormous, random rubber duck in Darling Harbour

6. The Landmarks

Sydney feels like a very modern city, but when you look twice it’s just a very clever combination of old and new and everywhere you look there is beauty in architectural form.

The bridge, the Opera House, The Rocks, Government House, Darling Harbour, the museums… even the office buildings.


7. The Beaches 

Sydney has some seriously beautiful beaches. Everything from busy surf beaches to beautiful little coves and you can access them so easily.

The great combination of city living and a life at the beach.


8. There is Always Something Happening

Theatre, opera, live music, comedy, buskers, markets… Sydney is vibrant and exciting.

In the few days we were there we took in a show at the Opera House and the wonderful moonlight outdoor cinema in Centennial Park.

There are so many of these things happening every day that you would never be able to say you were bored.

Moonlight Cinema Centennial Park

Moonlight Cinema at Centennial Park

9. It is Different From Anywhere Else on Earth

A lot of cities have a similar appearance and layout and you feel like you could be anywhere.


Many people said we’d prefer Melbourne as it’s very European but I didn’t come half way around the world to feel like I’m in a European city.


I’ve never been anywhere like Sydney before and that was part of the attraction.

To me, Melbourne’s merits are its proximity to great scenery and attractions but comparing the actual cities, Sydney wins hands down.

Sydney Skyline Night Dusk

City skyline at dusk

I get a huge smile on my face just thinking about our time there. Do you love Sydney too? Or does it feature on your travel wish list?


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I love Sydney, I mean I really fell head over heels for it. It's hard to narrow it down but I've listed by top 9 reasons why you need to visit.


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7 Responses

    • Maddie

      Definitely our happiest times in Australia, there’s just a really energetic vibe to the whole place that I absolutely love!

  1. Sarah Somewhere

    Such a great post, Maddie, I’m loving your writing right now! This was a wonderful take on your time in Sydney, and you’re right, that harbour is bloody gorgeous! Love everything you wrote about and found this a really original take on a city that is so widely written about. You captured it!
    Sarah Somewhere recently posted..Girl’s Day at Xpu Ha BeachMy Profile

    • Maddie

      Thanks Lady 🙂 It’s one of the few places we’ve visited that has had the ‘wow, we could really live here’ feeling. I just loved the energy and feeling the whole city had, the joy everyone seemed to have from simply being outside was amazing to see. Something completely alien to me being from the grim north of the UK!

  2. Kate @30Traveler

    I love Sydney too. That Camp Cove beach looks nice and calm. I love Bondi as a neighborhood but the waves are a bit brutal. I end up feeling seasick from being bashed around.

    • Maddie

      Camp Cove was lovely, just around the corner from Watson’s Bay at the end of the harbour. We didn’t spend much time in Bondi as it looked a bit hectic for us but I’ve heard the atmosphere is pretty great.


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