How can you afford to travel? a.k.a our most asked question

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It’s all about the money, money, money

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Since we’ve returned home there has been a consistent theme of questioning along the lines of “how on earth could you afford to travel for that long?” “You must be loaded?” “Did you win the lottery and not tell anyone?” Now this topic has been covered by tons of other travel bloggers but since the same questions are being asked we thought the info could bear a repeat visit. So, if you’re interested in how we did it, are contemplating travelling long term or if you just want to start taking more trips read on!

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The next big thing

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Iguazu Falls - Argentina

Iguazu Falls – Argentina


I read recently the quote “I used to believe that ‘when we hit the road’, ‘when I lose 20 pounds’ ‘when that happens… then, oh then, I’ll be happy’…..  It hit me like a ton of bricks as this was basically me.

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Tips on saving money (and your sanity) on a U.S road trip

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Somewhere in South Dakota

Somewhere in South Dakota

After journeying around the entire continental U.S during the very busy summer months this year we got pretty adept at learning how to maximise on freebies and making our pennies stretch as far as possible. We didn’t reinvent the wheel but a few key pointers helped keep the budget down and we thought they might be useful for anyone considering a similar trip.

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Our RTW Itinerary – First Six Months

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I’m a planner, so much so that our last two holidays have had their own enormous trip folders. Within these folders are multi-coloured dividers containing each day’s accommodation, maps, possible hikes, potential places to eat… Seriously. Feel free to mock but my approach to planning and research has always reassured me that we’ve experienced every trip to the fullest.

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