Top 5 unusual foods I have eaten on our travels

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When you're on the road food doesn't always look quite like you expect it to

When you’re on the road food doesn’t always look quite like you expect it to

I have eaten some exceptionally good food on our travels. I have also had some pretty insipid unforgettable meals too. However, one question I keep getting asked is what is the most unusual food I have eaten? So here you go, in reverse order this is my top 5 of unusual foods I have eaten during our trip so far.

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Sukhumvit Soi 38 street food Olympics

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Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens

Our main priority when booking our accommodation for our last week in Asia was to make sure that we were close to good street food. Luckily for us our last destination was Bangkok so we headed to the Sukhumvit area and took up residence in a guesthouse just around the corner from Soi 38. We had heard from several reliable sources that the street food in this area would ensure that we left Asia in style!

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How a gecko cost us $110

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This isn't Gordon but possibly a distant relative

This isn’t the culprit but possibly a distant relative

All long term travellers have stories to tell about misplacing or breaking belongings during their time on the road. The number one item that bites the dust is probably sunglasses due to a variety of mishaps that occur whilst lugging your life around in a backpack. We have gone through our fair share (9 pairs between us and counting!) and aren’t too concerned about something that can be replaced for a couple of dollars. However, we may just be setting a new standard in managing to destroy anything of a technical/electrical nature.

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Our visit to elephant heaven

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Up close and personal

Up close and personal

The Asian elephant is the second largest land mammal on the planet, only surpassed by its African cousin. So what would you do if you were stood in the middle of a huge field with two of these 3 tonne giants walking straight at you? They are not shackled in any way and they are getting closer! Do you turn and run? No, you keep walking towards them, strangely calm and feeling unthreatened. Eventually you are stood next to these two beautiful creatures dwarfed in their majestic presence and all you can do is reach out and give them a stroke and a cuddle. Does this sound ridiculous? Probably, but that is what we did!


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The not so easy rider!

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Trying to look confident!

Trying to look confident!

Let’s start by going back about 25 years or so to set the scene. We were on a family day trip to a theme park close to where we lived and I was very excited to be allowed to have a go on the little motorbikes for kids. After a brief explanation about braking and how turning the right handlebar ever so slightly made you go forwards, I had my helmet on and I was ready to enter the track. I was going to ride a motorbike, how cool.

This experience came to a brutal and rapid conclusion approximately 3 seconds later!

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Eating food off the street – Singapore style

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Inside one of the wondrous Singapore food courts - Maxwell

Inside one of the wondrous Singapore food courts – Maxwell

Anthony Bourdain made the bold statement that Singapore has the greatest hawker food in the world. We decided on our 4 days in Singapore to make it our mission to try food from as many of the hawker locations as possible to test his theory.

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