How can you afford to travel? a.k.a our most asked question

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It’s all about the money, money, money

Photo credit: Doug Wheller

Since we’ve returned home there has been a consistent theme of questioning along the lines of “how on earth could you afford to travel for that long?” “You must be loaded?” “Did you win the lottery and not tell anyone?” Now this topic has been covered by tons of other travel bloggers but since the same questions are being asked we thought the info could bear a repeat visit. So, if you’re interested in how we did it, are contemplating travelling long term or if you just want to start taking more trips read on!

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How a gecko cost us $110

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This isn't Gordon but possibly a distant relative

This isn’t the culprit but possibly a distant relative

All long term travellers have stories to tell about misplacing or breaking belongings during their time on the road. The number one item that bites the dust is probably sunglasses due to a variety of mishaps that occur whilst lugging your life around in a backpack. We have gone through our fair share (9 pairs between us and counting!) and aren’t too concerned about something that can be replaced for a couple of dollars. However, we may just be setting a new standard in managing to destroy anything of a technical/electrical nature.

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Indonesia round-up

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The temple on Lake Beratan, Bali

The temple on Lake Beratan, Bali

We wanted to try to combat culture shock as much as possible by heading to Bali first on the Asia leg of the trip. It also happened to be a low cost destination from Australia which sealed the deal. Bali ended up being a land of contrasts. Due to its proximity to Australia and budget friendly prices it is to Australians what Magaluf is to Brits or Cabo is to Americans. Kuta and Seminyak are heavily developed with western tourists as a focus and with not a lot going for them in our opinion. Ubud is still very touristy but in a much nicer way. We loved our time in a beautiful homestay out in the rice fields, a real escape from the bustling city.

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Back to what we love best – discovering the mountains of the Philippines

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Batad in all its glory

Batad in all its glory

When you think of the Philippines you probably imagine a glistening ocean, pristine beaches and picture perfect islands. These all exist and I’m reliably informed that some of the Philippine beaches kick Thailand’s butt! However, we decided to do things a little different for our short visit and what an experience it turned out to be.

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Australia round-up

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Sydney Opera House from under the Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House from under the Harbour Bridge

I’m pretty conflicted about Australia and I read something from Stephanie at 20something travel that summed it up perfectly, she said she really loved the country but felt a bit cheated as a tourist there. The standard of living in Australia is ridiculously high, we met one young British couple in Sydney who were earning double the salary that they had in the UK for doing exactly the same job. As a result, things cost more and I mean a lot more. It’s tough for tourists from pretty much any other country as the Australian Dollar is so strong and especially for us as the Pound isn’t doing well against anything! I genuinely don’t know how some of the young backpackers we saw could afford to do any of the activities on offer.

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New Zealand round-up

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Majestic Mt Cook

Majestic Mt Cook

For once I’m very grateful that I’m constantly behind with blog posts. It has been just over two months since we left New Zealand and I’ve needed that time to really reflect on our experiences there. Our time in New Zealand was full of so many contrasts, we had some of the best experiences of the trip so far but I was also suffering from my first bout of homesickness and there were certain parts of the country that didn’t live up to my lofty expectations. One thing is certain, I’m appreciating our time there far more since we’ve moved on.

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