The Hanging Coffins of Sagada – a video for Discovery

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Sagada Rice Terraces, Two for the Road Hanging Coffins of Sagada

Overlooking the rice terraces just outside Sagada

Back in 2010 I started adding all of our trip photos to Flickr under the Creative Commons licence, meaning that anyone can use them as long as they credit me in their finished product. I use other people’s photos via this method all the time and it’s nice to see the blog posts and articles discuss places you’ve been using the snaps you’ve taken. Every now and again I receive a cool request, like the promotions company that put some of my photos on fridge magnets and then sent me some samples. Or the Canadian publisher that used some of my photos of Buenos Aires in a guidebook. But nothing is quite as exciting as being contacted by the Discovery Network to say they’ve seen a particular shot of yours and they’d like to feature it in a new short film series!

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An update on life and our 2014 plans

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The delicious mud cake we had on New Years Eve

Fairly representative of my holiday break this year!

Happy New Year everyone! Apologies for our absence of late, New Years resolution number one is to start writing again so here I am. It’s funny how even though we haven’t been working the days just seem to fill up with things that need to be done, it’s quite easy to get into the bad habit of not sitting down to write and it’s something I’m trying my best to fix.

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So what happens now?

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So what happens next?

So what happens now?

Well we’ve made it back to the UK after the most amazing 17 months of our lives. After a busy couple of weeks of moving all of our belongings out of storage, making our house feel like a home again and catching up with loved ones, we are starting to slow down and reality is sinking in. It will be testing and no doubt a challenge to settle back into one place but we’re ready for it and are currently walking the fine line between excitement and and feeling anxious.

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The greatest thing I have discovered while travelling

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Lucky me

Lucky me

                                                              Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

We’ve seen wondrous sights and witnessed dozens of new cultures and customs and I will be forever grateful for that, but what is the greatest thing I’ve discovered? How lucky I am and probably not for the reason you’re thinking. I still firmly believe that if you want to travel it simply takes hard work, dedication and changing your priorities, it has very little to do with luck. The reason I feel lucky is because of the complete chance that I happened to be born in the United Kingdom.

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Is a “normal” life really so terrible?

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In my old "normal life" I got to do stuff like this, not too shabby

In my old “normal life” I got to do stuff like this, not too shabby

I’ve been reading a lot from people recently who are all going after their career dreams with a crazy amount of ambition and motivation. It’s inspiring to see people chasing after the thing they feel they are meant to do but it also got me thinking about the rest of us, the ones that have never had a passion like that. There seems to be an often voiced opinion in the travel community that if you have a “normal” job, own a home, car etc then there is something wrong with you. It’s thought of as a terrible waste of your life if you spend your working hours in an office and people who work in cubicles are seen as prisoners that need liberating. If someone is unhappy about their working life or longs for something else then of course do something about it, but for most people (me included) taking home a regular paycheck and working a steady job will be enough.

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Every day is a school day – an afternoon with the youth of today

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Class Y34D

Class Y34D with Mr D

One of the best experiences we had during our 10 days back in the UK involved mingling with a much younger generation, it sounds cliché but to spend time with amazing examples of bright kids in the UK was such a heart warming experience. The “youth of today”, an expression that is usually followed up by some derogatory comment. As you’ll see here, there are some great inquisitive minds working through the UK school system and we were privileged to meet quite a few.

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