The next big thing

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Iguazu Falls - Argentina

Iguazu Falls – Argentina


I read recently the quote “I used to believe that ‘when we hit the road’, ‘when I lose 20 pounds’ ‘when that happens… then, oh then, I’ll be happy’…..  It hit me like a ton of bricks as this was basically me.

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Our 2013 plans

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The delicious mud cake we had on New Years Eve

The delicious mud cake we had on New Years Eve

Happy belated New Year to everyone! I’m slightly behind with posting but we’ve just been super busy since Christmas. What a 2012 we’ve had, I look back and seriously wonder how we’ve managed to fit everything in. I’ve been thrilled with how my 30th year has turned out and can’t wait to see what 31 will bring! When we first started our RTW adventure we had pretty definite ideas of how much time we’d like to spend in each country for the first 6 months. We had key goals and activities we wanted to do and said we’d leave planning the second half of the trip until later on. Well later on has arrived and we’re still fairly clueless. We do have some ideas and some very definite dates to work to but any suggestions and comments would be much appreciated. 2013 looks a bit like this so far…

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Our RTW Itinerary – First Six Months

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I’m a planner, so much so that our last two holidays have had their own enormous trip folders. Within these folders are multi-coloured dividers containing each day’s accommodation, maps, possible hikes, potential places to eat… Seriously. Feel free to mock but my approach to planning and research has always reassured me that we’ve experienced every trip to the fullest.

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