Tips for successful shopping in Hoi An

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Choose any dress and then pick any colour from around 40 options - the choice is endless

Choose a dress and then pick any colour from around 40 options – the choice is endless

I’m a self confessed former shopaholic. I used to have bags full of new clothes lying around the house that hadn’t even been opened. I would go clothes shopping at least 2 or 3 times per week and had a ridiculous amount of stuff I didn’t need. I stopped cold turkey when we started to save for travel and have only bought absolutely necessary things since then. However, when I started reading about the tailors of Hoi An and how you could have custom made clothes produced in 24 hours, I felt the twinge of shopping mania starting again.

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Tips on saving money (and your sanity) on a U.S road trip

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Somewhere in South Dakota

Somewhere in South Dakota

After journeying around the entire continental U.S during the very busy summer months this year we got pretty adept at learning how to maximise on freebies and making our pennies stretch as far as possible. We didn’t reinvent the wheel but a few key pointers helped keep the budget down and we thought they might be useful for anyone considering a similar trip.

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7 essential bits of kit for travel

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I was originally going to post my full travel packing list, purely for the fact that I love reading everyone else’s. However, they get a bit of a bad rep around the blogsphere so I thought I’d post the 7 things that after 3 weeks of traveling are already indispensable to me personally.

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