The time the U.S Government tried to ruin our holiday

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Sedona Arizona red rock

What’s not to like about Sedona?

We’ve made no secret that the time we spent in the U.S on our RTW adventure was without a doubt our favourite time during the whole trip. One of the main highlights had been hiking the North Kaibab Trail of the Grand Canyon in one of the best day hikes we’d done. We vowed at the time to return and attempt the 24 mile Rim to Rim, little did we know that our return date would only be 12 months exactly from when we left.

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Peru budget round-up

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Inca Tipon Peru

Astounding Incan ruins at Tipon – the building work is incredible

This is clearly very overdue, but I’m determined to finish what I started and these round-up posts were some of our most popular. Plus, this is the last one from our RTW! Please bear in mind that all costs are from August and September of 2013 so average prices will have changed. The exchange rate has also improved against the Pound but I’ve kept to our original figures.

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Hiking Smackdown in Huaraz

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Cordillera Blanca Peru

The majesty of the Cordillera Blanca

I’ve debated over what to do about this for ages over the Christmas break and then I just thought sod it. I still have plenty of stories to tell from quite a long time back, I’ve just been rubbish at actually getting them down on paper. I didn’t know if they would still be relevant or interesting and then I realised that the main thing I love about this blog is having my own record of our adventures and if other people read the stories then it’s a bonus. So, here we are… me writing about somewhere we visited in 2013!

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2015 travel plans. Where will this year take us?

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Signs to different countries

Having a few days off over Christmas and New Year has led to the inevitable chats about where we’d like to go in 2015 and my head is now in such a spin! This year will be the first for a while where we are completely restricted to a holiday allowance. In Europe we get the most generous holiday allowance I know of and yet we’re still struggling to cram everything in that we want to do! It’s a good problem to have but as a travel buddy of ours mentioned, it’s still a problem.

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Take 12 Trips – our 2014 in review

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2014 photo collage

Well, I was a crappy blogger in 2014 but I’m glad to say that I wasn’t a crappy traveller! In early January I stumbled across Need Another Holiday in my quest to find other folks out there who had the burning passion for travel but who also maintained a fixed address and standard working hours. Clare did all of those things and she had also set down a challenge for readers of her blog to ‘Take 12 Trips’. The idea was to make sure you take one trip per month, anything from a day out at a museum to a full blown holiday, but you had to have that one date for exploration set every month.

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Travel Photo Roulette #82: Into the Wild

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Laguna 69 Peru

Laguna 69 in the Cordillera Blanca, northern Peru. It took a couple of hours on bone shattering roads to even get to the trailhead of this day hike – unbelievable scenery

**UPDATED** We have chosen our winner! Scroll down past the examples to see who we thought truly captured the ‘Into the Wild’ theme. Thanks so much to everyone who entered!


Travel Photo Roulette has been going for such a long time now and it’s great to see such innovative suggestions still appearing every few weeks. When our friends at 20 Years Hence hosted the fantastic Face of a Nation round I knew I had to take part, there were some beautiful entries and so many that truly captured a story. Portrait photography is something I practice but have never felt particularly skilful at, so I was so incredibly pleased to actually win!! The photo is definitely my favourite portrait from our whole round the world trip, it was one of those moments where everything just aligns perfectly and you grab that one shot.


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