7 essential bits of kit for travel

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I was originally going to post my full travel packing list, purely for the fact that I love reading everyone else’s. However, they get a bit of a bad rep around the blogsphere so I thought I’d post the 7 things that after 3 weeks of traveling are already indispensable to me personally.

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Banff – living up to the hype

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Two Jack Lake at dusk

Two Jack Lake at dusk

We’ve visited extremely popular national parks in the past and almost been a little disappointed. Yellowstone was a bit of a let down for me, it’s overrun with windscreen tourists in the summer and you have to really get off the beaten track to escape the masses. Don’t get me wrong, the scenery is beautiful but I was far more impressed with the quieter Glacier National Park in Montana.

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The dinosaur trail – Drumheller vs. Dinosaur Provincial Park

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Horse Shoe Canyon

Horse Shoe Canyon

As a rule we are at our happiest amongst the mountains and the trees, our idea of a perfect holiday is spending it in lush, green national parks surrounded by wildlife. Having said that, we spent a large proportion of our holiday last year in the red rock parks of Utah and absolutely loved it.

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Adjusting to life on the road

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Alberta road

Alberta road

Anyone who knows me is familiar with my robot-like emotional state, generally only The Notebook has been known to make me cry! Well, I sobbed like a baby twice during the month before we left and I’m still feeling fairly emotional now. Every emotion is heightened whether I’m happy, sad or angry and I was flailing from one to the next rapidly in the run up to our trip.

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The Great American Road Trip

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Route 190, CA

Route 190, CA

Growing up in the UK I was heavily influenced by American culture and the stereotypes perpetuated by TV and film. My favourite movies as a child were The Goonies, Hocus Pocus and then as I got older, anything written by John Hughes. I grew up thinking that everyone in the U.S lived in a house just like Ferris Bueller or Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone and that everyone had a second house “at the lake”.


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Our RTW Itinerary – First Six Months

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I’m a planner, so much so that our last two holidays have had their own enormous trip folders. Within these folders are multi-coloured dividers containing each day’s accommodation, maps, possible hikes, potential places to eat… Seriously. Feel free to mock but my approach to planning and research has always reassured me that we’ve experienced every trip to the fullest.

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