The best diet I have ever been on – travel

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Day 1 of our RTW - I cringe now looking at this

Day 1 of our RTW – I cringe looking at this now

I always knew that this new lifestyle of ours would be beneficial to our health despite everyone telling me that you put on weight whilst travelling. You see, in our previous lives at home we could be pretty lazy and I’m convinced it all stemmed from being unfulfilled. We were living for the weekend to such a great extent that takeout and huge portions cooked by me were treats after having bad days.

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This is where it starts

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Me abseiling 27 metres into darkness

Me abseiling 27 metres into darkness

I had a sensible and well thought out route to our travels, we’d start out in the expensive western countries where everyone spoke English and where we’d have a solid idea of what was going on and how to get around easily. The idea was that by the time we got to Asia we’d be uber-confident, super travellers and our savings would get a nice break as we swanned around South East Asia for 5 months.

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A few of our favourite things

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Kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park

Kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park

The festive season is upon us and we’re embracing the non-traditional this Christmas by spending the holiday in the rainforest and eating bbq for Christmas lunch. To celebrate we thought we’d combine the Christmas institution of The Sound of Music with the not so festive Sesame St ABC’s and share an A to Z of our favorite things (Maria style) from the first 6 months of the trip.

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A festive thank you

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Christmas in the sun

Christmas in the sun

There’s nothing like being 10,000 miles away from home on the biggest holiday of the year to make you appreciate your loved ones. I don’t tend to get homesick but man I miss the folks that are there! As you get older your friendship circle quite often shrinks but those you end up with are worth their weight in gold and are the true friends you always hoped for. Family are usually the ones you take for granted but I am so thankful for the few diamonds that I have up in the far north east and for the wonderful family in Yorkshire that now call me one of their own.

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Hitting the wall, traveller style

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Tackling the Tongariro Crossing

Tackling the Tongariro Crossing

I read all of the blog posts warning about being burnt out, recognising homesickness, resting up somewhere if you start feeling jaded, hitting the traveller wall… I knew what to look out for and spent ages warning Paul that this wouldn’t be like being on holiday. This was our life now and although you’re grateful for that every day you won’t always be beaming ray of sunshine.

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Finding my confidence again – tackling The Grand Canyon North Rim

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Bright Angel Point

Bright Angel Point

I’ve never been skinny or uber fit, I was fairly average through my teen years and definitely made the most of the eat as much as you like and stay the same weight scenario at that age. Once I hit my twenties I started gaining weight steadily, yo-yoing between feeling motivated to go to the gym and wanting to stuff my face with every available food source. Paul and I then discovered a love of hill walking, or hiking as our lovely North American friends call it.

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