Tips for finding a job after long term travel

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Help wanted sign

The seemingly daunting task of finding work after long term travel

Photo credit: Brenda Gottsabend

A time will come for most travellers when they need to start earning money again. Some take jobs on the road to top up funds, others develop mobile incomes that allow them to travel indefinitely. We always knew that we wanted to have a home base again and since we had no desire to take temporary jobs or set up a mobile business this meant re-entering the workforce. It hasn’t been a walk in the park but we got there in the end and learned a few things along the way.

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How can you afford to travel? a.k.a our most asked question

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It’s all about the money, money, money

Photo credit: Doug Wheller

Since we’ve returned home there has been a consistent theme of questioning along the lines of “how on earth could you afford to travel for that long?” “You must be loaded?” “Did you win the lottery and not tell anyone?” Now this topic has been covered by tons of other travel bloggers but since the same questions are being asked we thought the info could bear a repeat visit. So, if you’re interested in how we did it, are contemplating travelling long term or if you just want to start taking more trips read on!

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An update on life and our 2014 plans

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The delicious mud cake we had on New Years Eve

Fairly representative of my holiday break this year!

Happy New Year everyone! Apologies for our absence of late, New Years resolution number one is to start writing again so here I am. It’s funny how even though we haven’t been working the days just seem to fill up with things that need to be done, it’s quite easy to get into the bad habit of not sitting down to write and it’s something I’m trying my best to fix.

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So what happens now?

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So what happens next?

So what happens now?

Well we’ve made it back to the UK after the most amazing 17 months of our lives. After a busy couple of weeks of moving all of our belongings out of storage, making our house feel like a home again and catching up with loved ones, we are starting to slow down and reality is sinking in. It will be testing and no doubt a challenge to settle back into one place but we’re ready for it and are currently walking the fine line between excitement and and feeling anxious.

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Bolivia round-up

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Sunday market

Sunday market

Without a doubt Bolivia has been our favourite country during the South America leg of the trip. The scenery is spectacular, the cities stunning and the people are clinging to their culture with all their might. We felt that northern Argentina was very heavily influenced by European culture and Peru doesn’t have the same commitment to its heritage but Bolivia, most of it was like stepping back in time.

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Argentina round-up

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Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian side

Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian side

Argentina was a bit of a shock to the system in terms of budget. Having come pretty much directly from South East Asia where we could live like kings for very little money it was a big transition to see prices not far off what we’d seen in the early parts of our trip in Canada and the USA. You can spend less than we did of course, I’ve made it pretty clear that we’re past dorm rooms and being really uncomfortable on transport just to save a bit of money, but it’s still an expensive country to travel in. Inflation in Argentina is currently at 30-35% meaning that the price of even milk and bread in the shops is changing on a daily basis.

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