Las Vegas in 2 days – if you don’t like to gamble

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Las Vegas is the complete polar opposite of everything Paul and I like to experience when we travel; it’s crowded, loud, brash and over the top – and yet we absolutely love it. We’ve visited 3 times now but never for more than a few days and I think that’s why our trips have been so successful. It IS like Disneyland for grow-ups but it has an expiry date for me and I definitely couldn’t spend longer than a few days there. We’ve learned what we like, what we don’t like and how to make the most of a limited amount of time.

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Bodie – a California ghost town in pictures

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Church Bodie California

The church at Bodie – this has been my screensaver for 5 years now!

The point at which I really fell in love with photography was during a life changing road trip we took down the West Coast of the United States from Seattle to San Francisco. Paul had recently bought me a small compact camera with a ton of functionality and I was addicted to trying different settings and learning what aperture, shutter speed and ISO meant. I took over 1000 photos on that 2 week trip and some of them are still my favourites today. One location that really stands out is the ghost town of Bodie which is east of Yosemite and just north of Mono Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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Hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim

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Grand Canyon

Have you ever had one of those experiences that you genuinely can’t believe is happening? As I set off on the Kaibab Trail from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on that crisp and snow covered morning, I still felt like I was in a dream. There was just one guy in front of me on the trail, we were the first people to walk one of the busiest trails in the National Park Service for nearly 2 weeks – unbelievable.

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The time the U.S Government tried to ruin our holiday

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Sedona Arizona red rock

What’s not to like about Sedona?

We’ve made no secret that the time we spent in the U.S on our RTW adventure was without a doubt our favourite time during the whole trip. One of the main highlights had been hiking the North Kaibab Trail of the Grand Canyon in one of the best day hikes we’d done. We vowed at the time to return and attempt the 24 mile Rim to Rim, little did we know that our return date would only be 12 months exactly from when we left.

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Take 12 Trips – our 2014 in review

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2014 photo collage

Well, I was a crappy blogger in 2014 but I’m glad to say that I wasn’t a crappy traveller! In early January I stumbled across Need Another Holiday in my quest to find other folks out there who had the burning passion for travel but who also maintained a fixed address and standard working hours. Clare did all of those things and she had also set down a challenge for readers of her blog to ‘Take 12 Trips’. The idea was to make sure you take one trip per month, anything from a day out at a museum to a full blown holiday, but you had to have that one date for exploration set every month.

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New York City the second time around

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Brooklyn Bridge Park on a gorgeous Saturday morning

Brooklyn Bridge Park on a gorgeous Saturday morning

New York City was our first visit to the United States just 4 years ago when Paul took me as a lovely birthday gift one freezing cold February. What is staggering to me is that in the 4 years since we’ve spent 5 months travelling around this great country and no matter how much of it we’ve seen there is nowhere in this vast land quite like the Big Apple. In our first visit we tried to cram in as much as possible, rushing around with wide eyes marveling at all the places we’d seen on countless movies and TV shows. The second time around couldn’t be more different.

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