Fountains Abbey – a World Heritage Site on our doorstep

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Studley Royal Deer Park

Walking through the deer park

Spending a lengthy period of time away from home will always make you miss certain things – to the point where you start thinking about that place with rose tinted glasses and conveniently forget all of the reasons you wanted to leave in the first place! The return home for us was as predictable as it comes – we were overjoyed to have familiar comforts and our own bed every night and marvelled at how beautiful this part of the world we live in is. Then a few months later, as tends to happen with every traveller who comes home, we started to get itchy feet again and went on a real downer about being back in the UK.

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Take 12 Trips – our 2014 in review

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2014 photo collage

Well, I was a crappy blogger in 2014 but I’m glad to say that I wasn’t a crappy traveller! In early January I stumbled across Need Another Holiday in my quest to find other folks out there who had the burning passion for travel but who also maintained a fixed address and standard working hours. Clare did all of those things and she had also set down a challenge for readers of her blog to ‘Take 12 Trips’. The idea was to make sure you take one trip per month, anything from a day out at a museum to a full blown holiday, but you had to have that one date for exploration set every month.

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A little bit of posh in the Lake District

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Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Our regular trips to the Lake District in Cumbria normally involve a little cottage, walking boots and the odd pub to curl up in after a hard day on the Fells. When Travelzoo approached us about trialling one of their Local Deals, we decided to do things a little differently in one of our favourite spots in the UK and go for a posh overnight stay for Paul’s birthday.

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Hull – the 2017 UK City of Culture

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The Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridge

February’s ‘Take 12 Trips’ was somewhat more glamorous than what we had initially planned so we were a bit more budget conscious when planning what to do in March. We decided to stay close to home and just have a day trip out one weekend to save some pennies. As Paul sat mocking a friend of ours about her home town one night over dinner, the lightbulb moment happened. We would head off to the city of Hull for the day!

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Finding new experiences close to home – Take 12 Trips, January

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Glorious blue skies in a stunning setting

Glorious blue skies in a stunning setting

I grew up in the north east of England right on the coastline of the powerful and menacing North Sea in a small group of interlinked towns that had been the place to holiday once upon a time, by the time I arrived in the world it had sadly declined like so many seaside resorts in Britain. Once I turned 18 I decided to go to university in the nearest major city in the region, Newcastle Upon Tyne. I made this city my home for another 5 years before moving to Harrogate to shack up with the Yorkshireman that is now my husband. During my childhood I spent weekends with family roaming every corner of the Northumberland countryside right up to the Scottish border and spent so much time on the coast and in Newcastle that I was convinced there wasn’t a thing I didn’t know about the area that will always be my home.

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Every day is a school day – an afternoon with the youth of today

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Class Y34D

Class Y34D with Mr D

One of the best experiences we had during our 10 days back in the UK involved mingling with a much younger generation, it sounds cliché but to spend time with amazing examples of bright kids in the UK was such a heart warming experience. The “youth of today”, an expression that is usually followed up by some derogatory comment. As you’ll see here, there are some great inquisitive minds working through the UK school system and we were privileged to meet quite a few.

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