The Hanging Coffins of Sagada – a video for Discovery

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Sagada Rice Terraces, Two for the Road Hanging Coffins of Sagada

Overlooking the rice terraces just outside Sagada

Back in 2010 I started adding all of our trip photos to Flickr under the Creative Commons licence, meaning that anyone can use them as long as they credit me in their finished product. I use other people’s photos via this method all the time and it’s nice to see the blog posts and articles discuss places you’ve been using the snaps you’ve taken. Every now and again I receive a cool request, like the promotions company that put some of my photos on fridge magnets and then sent me some samples. Or the Canadian publisher that used some of my photos of Buenos Aires in a guidebook. But nothing is quite as exciting as being contacted by the Discovery Network to say they’ve seen a particular shot of yours and they’d like to feature it in a new short film series!

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Back to what we love best – discovering the mountains of the Philippines

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Batad in all its glory

Batad in all its glory

When you think of the Philippines you probably imagine a glistening ocean, pristine beaches and picture perfect islands. These all exist and I’m reliably informed that some of the Philippine beaches kick Thailand’s butt! However, we decided to do things a little different for our short visit and what an experience it turned out to be.

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