Fountains Abbey – a World Heritage Site on our doorstep

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Studley Royal Deer Park

Walking through the deer park

Spending a lengthy period of time away from home will always make you miss certain things – to the point where you start thinking about that place with rose tinted glasses and conveniently forget all of the reasons you wanted to leave in the first place! The return home for us was as predictable as it comes – we were overjoyed to have familiar comforts and our own bed every night and marvelled at how beautiful this part of the world we live in is. Then a few months later, as tends to happen with every traveller who comes home, we started to get itchy feet again and went on a real downer about being back in the UK.

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The Hanging Coffins of Sagada – a video for Discovery

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Sagada Rice Terraces, Two for the Road Hanging Coffins of Sagada

Overlooking the rice terraces just outside Sagada

Back in 2010 I started adding all of our trip photos to Flickr under the Creative Commons licence, meaning that anyone can use them as long as they credit me in their finished product. I use other people’s photos via this method all the time and it’s nice to see the blog posts and articles discuss places you’ve been using the snaps you’ve taken. Every now and again I receive a cool request, like the promotions company that put some of my photos on fridge magnets and then sent me some samples. Or the Canadian publisher that used some of my photos of Buenos Aires in a guidebook. But nothing is quite as exciting as being contacted by the Discovery Network to say they’ve seen a particular shot of yours and they’d like to feature it in a new short film series!

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Bruges in 3 days

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Bruges architecture belgium

My favourite houses – spotted on our Monday morning walk

Bruges was on the travel wish list for quite a while. Belgium is one of the closest European countries to us and I’d heard tales of this perfectly preserved medieval city that was small enough to visit in a weekend. As a Christmas present to Paul I booked flights and a hotel for the first weekend in December, the aim of the visit was to relax before silly season got underway and to start to get ourselves in the festive spirit.

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Las Vegas in 2 days – if you don’t like to gamble

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Las Vegas is the complete polar opposite of everything Paul and I like to experience when we travel; it’s crowded, loud, brash and over the top – and yet we absolutely love it. We’ve visited 3 times now but never for more than a few days and I think that’s why our trips have been so successful. It IS like Disneyland for grow-ups but it has an expiry date for me and I definitely couldn’t spend longer than a few days there. We’ve learned what we like, what we don’t like and how to make the most of a limited amount of time.

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Bodie – a California ghost town in pictures

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Church Bodie California

The church at Bodie – this has been my screensaver for 5 years now!

The point at which I really fell in love with photography was during a life changing road trip we took down the West Coast of the United States from Seattle to San Francisco. Paul had recently bought me a small compact camera with a ton of functionality and I was addicted to trying different settings and learning what aperture, shutter speed and ISO meant. I took over 1000 photos on that 2 week trip and some of them are still my favourites today. One location that really stands out is the ghost town of Bodie which is east of Yosemite and just north of Mono Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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Hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim

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Grand Canyon

Have you ever had one of those experiences that you genuinely can’t believe is happening? As I set off on the Kaibab Trail from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on that crisp and snow covered morning, I still felt like I was in a dream. There was just one guy in front of me on the trail, we were the first people to walk one of the busiest trails in the National Park Service for nearly 2 weeks – unbelievable.

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